June 2014 – Headaches and Migraines

The Good News

Surbhi recently completed a full week course on Women’s Health and Incontinence. She is now fully qualified to assess and treat women’s health issues at Wentworthville Physiotherapy.

Staff Profiles

Michael Shilson-Josling

Michael has over 20 years experience working as a physiotherapist. He is committed to patient care and believes the best way to help a patient achieve their goals is to combine exercise with hands on treatment.

He takes his commitment to continuing education very seriously and knows that through increased knowledge we become better practitioners.

Surbhi Gupta

Surbhi trained in New Zealand and has over 4 years experience working as a physiotherapist. She believes that patient education, hands on treatment and exercise are the best way to help her patients to help themselves.

She has recently completed a full week course on Women’s health and Incontinence and is eager to help her patients achieve control and independence.


Headaches and Migraines

 I turned up to school recently to pick up my 9 year old daughter and I found her lying alone in a dark room with a severe headache.

The headache had started in the morning, increased over the course of the day and was mainly on the left side of her head.

Headache and migraine are extremely common but can be debilitating for those who suffer from them. They can interfere with school, work and social life.

Recent studies by Dean Watson, a physio who works exclusively with headache and migraine sufferers in South Australia, shows that over 80% of headaches and migraines can be reduced or eliminated by physiotherapy.

The old theories that headaches are caused by an increase in blood flow into the brain or increased scalp muscle tension has been shown to be in error. New evidence shows that an increase in sensitivity of the brain stem is in fact the cause of most headaches and migraines.

Physiotherapy to the top 3 levels of the cervical spine can help to reduce brainstem sensitivity and reduce or eliminate headaches and migraines.

I took my daughter home and treated C1 and C3 on the left side with sustained joint mobilisations and massage. 20 minutes later she was outside playing with her little brother, and she has not had another headache since. If she does get one she now knows that some treatment from dad can get rid of her headache quickly and efficiently.

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