The Physiotherapists

Michael Shilson-Josling

Michael has almost 20 years experience workingMSJ as a physiotherapist in Australia and MSJthe UK.

Michael believes in the use of hands on high quality treatment and uses joint mobilisations and massage as a regular part of his treatment. He also has the use of a traction bed for backs and necks, interferential, ultrasound and a range of other modalities and treatments to help speed healing and reduce pain.

Exercise also forms a strong part of the recovery from injury in physiotherapy. Michael will provide patients with a range of exercises to help them stretch tight muscles, strengthen weak areas and speed up their rate of recovery.

Each set of exercises is tailored to the patient’s particular injury and needs and presented to them in a folder. That way if the pain restarts again at a later date the first thing they do is pull out the folder and start the exercises again.

Edmond Tang

Edmond has been working as a physiotherapist for 5 years. He specilises in using hands on Edmondtechniques, exercise and electotherapy combined with dry needling.

Dry needling allows Edmond to decrease inflammation and increase blood flow. It stimulates the body’s healing mechanism and reduces muscle spasm.


At Wentworthville Physiotherapy we have access to a range of exercise and strengthening equipment on site for use by our patients to help speed their recovery and improve strength.

Our motto is Less Pain, More Movement and Better Strength and our physiotherapists use every skill they have to achieve these results for every patient.

Please call 8868 3800 to book an appointment.

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